'Game Of Stories' Develops Your Child's Creative Writing Skills...

Whether They Love It Already Or Need A Little Nudge

We at Writing Champions have been teaching hundreds of children in creative writing workshops and know what they love. That's why we have developed Game of Stories:

an inclusive online creative writing course aimed at children of all abilities from ages 7-11
loaded with interactive and highly engaging online alternative to face-to-face learning
full of imaginative writing exercises that every child can work through at their own pace

How do we make it happen?

We have designed our course for children of all writing abilities so that through Game of Stories, every child has an opportunity to change the way they see the world.

- We introduce concepts of 'micro-learning', where they learn in small, bitesized chunks through our online videos, interactive online activities and downloadable worksheets for offline writing. In this way, the children learn to articulate their imaginations confidently on paper without fear of ‘getting it wrong’.

- We have utilised the best available technology so that children on our course have the freedom to learn anywhere (our courses can be accessed on phone, tablet and laptop).

- We have been unique in our approach in combining creative writing and STEM concepts, and if you like the sound of that, read on!

We Have Brought STEM Concepts and Creative Writing Together

At Writing Champions, we believe that creativity is directly linked to innovation.

Creativity should play a major part in how your child develops, and being able to explain concepts in the written form will be useful in the classroom as well as the boardroom.

Studies have shown that as well as being an enjoyable hobby, creative writing allows students to approach technical STEM subjects in new and exciting ways too.

In fact, Nobel prize winning scientists are 2.85 times more likely to have an artistic hobby and a staggering 12 times more likely to be writers than the average non prize winning scientist.

Get Your Child Writing!

Your children will be guided through the program with animated explainer slides, quizzes and checklists, and downloadable worksheets. There is enough to keep your child busy for several weeks.

We will give your child fun and engaging challenges, to keep them motivated to learn and progress.

We are so confident in what we have produced, that we are letting you have key sections of the course available to try for free. Join us on this journey to let your child's imagination come to live, and see their writing skills improve with use.